Optimism – it’s the Specialist-Generalist’s best friend.

Nine times out of ten you just don’t know if something’s going to work or not; and you’re likely surrounded by experts who will tell you all the things that could (and maybe will) go wrong…

But, most of the time they probably won’t. And if they do, you just have to front it up, take a bit of stick and learn from it. Nothing good happens in organisations or in life without a bit of optimism.

Small steps, positive action – just doing something – it all helps. Pessimism is a killer; optimism gets it done.


3 Ways to Become More Optimistic

There are benefits to optimism. Some studies have found that feeling optimistic can help fight stress and improve health; others have found that optimists earn and save more money. To build your optimism, try a few things.

For one, practice gratitude. When you wake up each morning, think of three things you’re thankful for. It only takes a minute, and it puts a positive spin on the day. (Also, resist the urge to immediately check the news, which often does the opposite.)

Second, find ways to make progress toward your goals. Whether you want a new job or you’re launching a new project, taking even small steps forward can give you a larger sense of momentum.

Third, prioritize connecting with others. Get lunch with friends you haven’t seen lately, or send a coworker a note that you’re thankful for them. Social connection is one of the top predictors of happiness.

Adapted from “The Financial Upside of Being an Optimist,” by Michelle Gielan

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