All organisations need people who can lead strategy across boundaries, join-up functional specialisms, manage and lead operations, be the ‘client’ for major projects and much more. 

For Directors, COOs, General Managers and the people at many different levels who manage, project manage or engage with the variety of people, personalities, professionals, policies, processes and day-to-day problems which define organisations – for all those people: flexibility, resilience and resourcefulness is what it’s all about. And the same is true most of all for CEOs.

The prize is seizing opportunities big and small to improve, change and transform performance, create new possibilities and shape the future – and the satisfaction that brings. But it takes skill, a variety of tools and self-confidence.

That means looking ‘across’ organisations, and proactively looking both inside and outside for experience, learning and growth. Knowing ‘enough about enough’ – and crucially knowing how to work with experts whilst not always being one; these are both vital for some people to have in all types and size of organisation.

If you are one of those people or you want to be, the Specialist-Generalist is for you.