‘Diary, Biggest Problem/Most Difficult Thing’ 

By John Worne  COOs and Specialist-Generalists usually collect big issues; and to get things done have to give willingly of their time. Broad accountabilities usually mean lots of meeting - and then there's the inbox. But sometimes lots of activity can be saved by getting to the heart of the matter - with the people … Continue reading ‘Diary, Biggest Problem/Most Difficult Thing’ 

Why we don’t always need ‘Big Trousers’ 

By John Worne There are lots of different forms of leadership; what works is often situational and dependent on context.  The stereotype - even the default expectation - is dominant, alpha, decisive and driving: 'big trousers' leadership. But today's world is often too complex for too much of that. The leadership that a Specialist-Generalist brings … Continue reading Why we don’t always need ‘Big Trousers’