The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Emotional Intelligence

With thanks to Eric Barker, everyone benefits from a Specialist-Generalist working on their 'emotional intelligence'. So what is it really? It's a concept that John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire and Yale professor Peter Salovey came up with in the early 90's that was subsequently studied and popularized by Daniel Goleman. Here's Mayer's definition. From … Continue reading The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Emotional Intelligence

Professional Standards

By John Worne Often as organisations grow, they 'professionalise'.  Bringing more outside expertise in key areas is often crucial as scale and complexity increase - in Finance, IT, HR, Estates, Governance, Legal, Security, Risk and the list goes on. Very often incoming professionals have a difficult transition - especially when things in their new organisation … Continue reading Professional Standards

HBR: To Guide Your Company’s Future, Look to Its Past

By John Worne  History isn't always a reliable guide to the future; plenty of great organisations have wrongly believed their history makes them 'too big to fall'.  Still, connecting with the origins: the founding myths and great moments of an organisation, is the surest way to capture the 'hearts and minds' on any forward strategy … Continue reading HBR: To Guide Your Company’s Future, Look to Its Past

‘Monetising’ Problems

By John Worne Not everything can be counted in money, nor should it be - but paradoxically putting a price on a deeply human problem usually helps move things along. Why? Once something intractable is 'monetised' as a "£1m problem"; either in direct spend to fix it or in potential hidden losses and impacts, then … Continue reading ‘Monetising’ Problems

Why we don’t always need ‘Big Trousers’ 

By John Worne There are lots of different forms of leadership; what works is often situational and dependent on context.  The stereotype - even the default expectation - is dominant, alpha, decisive and driving: 'big trousers' leadership. But today's world is often too complex for too much of that. The leadership that a Specialist-Generalist brings … Continue reading Why we don’t always need ‘Big Trousers’