The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Emotional Intelligence

With thanks to Eric Barker, everyone benefits from a Specialist-Generalist working on their 'emotional intelligence'. So what is it really? It's a concept that John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire and Yale professor Peter Salovey came up with in the early 90's that was subsequently studied and popularized by Daniel Goleman. Here's Mayer's definition. From … Continue reading The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Emotional Intelligence


By John WorneAs an excellent former colleague of mine pointed out this week, where a team is difficult to get aligned: "If you know what drives people you can address their concerns and get to trust and then motivation."She points out there are seven DRIVERS: D - direction, what's our purpose?R - relative position or … Continue reading Drivers

Priceless – the ‘Economy of Help’

By John Worne A different way to think of organisations is as an 'economy of help' - help given and help received. And every Specialist-Generalist needs help. Looked at this way, we can all constantly accumulate and add to our positive balance of 'help given' in big and small ways - in almost every interaction. … Continue reading Priceless – the ‘Economy of Help’

HBR – What to Say When Someone Makes an Offensive Comment

By John Worne Diverse international organisations are culturally complex - but like wider society there's also just loads of sexism, ageism, racism and at best unconscious - but sometimes overt - bias in any workplace. Any Specialist-Generalist needs to play their part in actively tackling this.  Here's some good advice on how, from the Harvard … Continue reading HBR – What to Say When Someone Makes an Offensive Comment

Listen up – if you want to make friends and influence people…

By John Worne The single most important (and underused) skill in working life is listening.  It's also the single most influential thing you can do. And as a Specialist-Generalist it's the only way to develop the relationships and knowledge you need to operate.  When you join an organisation, get a new role, change your team, … Continue reading Listen up – if you want to make friends and influence people…

Professional Standards

By John Worne Often as organisations grow, they 'professionalise'.  Bringing more outside expertise in key areas is often crucial as scale and complexity increase - in Finance, IT, HR, Estates, Governance, Legal, Security, Risk and the list goes on. Very often incoming professionals have a difficult transition - especially when things in their new organisation … Continue reading Professional Standards