brɛvɪti - noun 1. Concise and exact use of words in writing or speech. (Concision, succinctness, economy of language, shortness, briefness, pithiness, incisiveness, crispness, compactness, compression.) 2. Shortness of time. (Transience, transitoriness, ephemerality, impermanence; e.g. "the brevity of human life.") As we process through working life, there is ever more we have seen; and a … Continue reading Brevity

High Hurdles – get over the subtle recruitment barriers

By John Worne Many public bodies and long-service organisations create high hurdles to new joiners.  Unintentionally; often. But on the comparatively rare occasions general management jobs go 'external', job descriptions, shortlisting and recruitment panels often focus on too many 'essential' characteristics, highly sector specific knowledge and directly 'relevant' experience.  As a result capable outsiders, newcomers, … Continue reading High Hurdles – get over the subtle recruitment barriers